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So what is zEngineering? It is best described by comparing an Engineer to a User. In IT terms, a User knows how to use things whereas an Engineer knows how things work.

Some platforms use the term administrator, sysadmin or even just “techie”. On System z, we have traditionally referred to those responsible for the system as Systems Programmers simply because decades ago, we used to program the system. That was simple enough but as IT has evolved, so have the terms we use to describe the various specialists in each discipline area, such as DBA, Advanced Ops Analyst, Tech Lead, Technical Manager, Security Officer, CICS/IMS/DB2/MVS Sysprog (and so on).

Rather than get tangled up in the distinction between these various roles and how they are used at different organisations, we use the term z Engineer. We feel the term describes the roles we are interested in, Engineering roles within the System z arena.


These are the people who keep the "show on the road", they enjoy their job, enjoy the technical nature of it, people who wonder how things work and figure it out when they don't know. By nature they are "back of house", they keep the base line of System z beating, drummers and bass players rather than lead singers or lead guitarists.