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z/OS Unix System Services Security next steps

For many z/OS customers, z/OS Unix Security has been rising up the priority list due in part to audit findings showing need for improvement and in some cases, years of low priority for this complex area of security management leaving a long list of challenges that need resolving. For some customers, the complexity has meant that there is a lack of clarity as to where to begin the remedial work, this session will look at the common areas of concern and propose strategies for both tactical (quick fix) and strategic (long term) remedial activities.description

Extreme Coupling Facility Locking, a performance review

This paper reviews the performance aspects of Coupling Facility Lock Structures and the implications of Extreme Locking. The subject used in the examples is a mission critical application that was observed to be locking at extreme levels whilst under development. Projections showed that once in full production the infrastructure would not sustain the business targets, so changes had to be made. This presentation will walk through the key performance measurements recorded, their meaning and impact, how they were obtained and the resulting infrastructure changes required to achieve the business targets."

Introduction to zEngineering/Systems Programming

This paper explores a little of the history (and relevance) of the IBMs System z (mainframe) offering and dig into what it means to be a Systems z Software Engineer/Systems Programmer. In addition, the paper reviews some of the basic principles of Computing and how they pertain to System z. In the process, you will learn about interrupts, multi-tasking and multiprocessing.